Unibest in Beihai City

2019-12-31 15:12:28

The itinerary is from December 21st to 25th. In order to reduce the impact of all rest on customers, we deliberately choose to travel during Christmas. The first stop is Nanning, Guangxi. For a short stay, we visited the AAAAA scenic spot in Nanning – Qingxiu Mountain , Qingxiu Mountain is 82 meters to 289 meters above sea level, the climate is pleasant, the mountains and flowers are beautiful, and the four seasons are always open. The ancient poem says: “Qingshan is not old in four seasons. , mountain flowers are blooming in spring.” In ancient times, Qingxiu Mountain was already a famous summer resort in Yongnan. In Qingxiu Mountain, we also collectively climbed the nine-story pagoda, the Dragon Elephant Pagoda. We originally wanted to have a view of Qingxiu Mountain, but unfortunately, the gods were not beautiful, and the fog was too heavy to do so.