Preparation product import business goes further

2019-12-09 12:53:18

As one of the leading enterprises in the internationalization of China’s pharmaceutical industry,

Unibest pharmaceutical expands its territory and actively carries out the import business of overseas preparations.

Pharmaceutical import business has always been the key strategic direction of Unibest pharmaceuticals, and it is also an important link in the closed loop formed by intermediate production, intermediate export and prepatation import.

Under the leadership of the deputy general manager of Unibest,we went abroad and came to the “International Medical Capital”, and went deep into the international original research manufacturers, carried out visits and negotiations on the preparation import business, and opened a new chapter of Unibest pharmaceutical.

Through this business negotiation, we have confirmed 5 varieties which is going to be imported .At the same time, our partners praised highly of our professionalism, and partners are confidence in the new markets we will explore.

In the future, Unibest will continue to take the road of diversification, accelerate the pace of preparation imports, and promote the development of health industry.

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