Unibest believe everyone has responsibility to take care of our beautiful planet, we put Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into consideration everywhere within our reach.

    Compliance & Green production

Through strict quality review and continuous communication with the R&D team, we continuously upgrade the development process and product design to ensure the optimal use of resources, materials and reasonable disposal of waste.

We will carry out continuous and active communication on the basis of sustainable development, review and monitor the environment and health of suppliers, and ensure that the needs of customers are met under the premise of safety and environmental protection.

    Sustainable development response

Beyond sustainable production, unibest advocates a sustainable lifestyle. Our teammates were educated to be responsible for sustainable development, no matter to production or to themselves. We believe we can build a future of “business for good” with our customer, supplier and our teammates.

Social Responsibility

     While developing our business, we also hope to create more sustainable social value. unibest actively practices public welfare and gives back to the society. We focus on children’s education, and in December 2015, we donated money to the “fact orphans” raised by the society through the “e-wan” action of the Aide Foundation; we also donated grants to schools to help students from poor families and outstanding students successfully complete their studies.

    At the same time, we actively pay attention to major disasters, and actively collect donations in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the 2010 Yushu earthquake and the Southwest disaster, hoping that our strength can become a public welfare energy for the society.



    In unibest, we do business in a right way. Our business conduct and policies give us confidence to bring better service to our customer; those policies also represent our values and how we educate our teammates everyday.
    Honest, respect, confident and compliance are the bones of our conduct policy, our employees must learn and understand how to do business in our way the first day they join unibest. Any violation of the policies will cause serious punishment.
   Some compliances are already closely integrated into our daily operation, and even our employee’s life. Every employee will be trained and tested by our internal SOP, which is strictly designed by our policies; following the whole process, unibest can ensure every step we do is legal, efficient and reliable.
   We welcome different audits all around the world


“Every step you take with us is a small step to protect our planet.”

Unibest is doing our best for driving a better world, we care about Environment, Society and Governance, we hope every service and production we've made could lead a even greater force for good in the world.


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