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We are striving for create a team with professionalism, caring and proud so that our team can bring better service to our customers, we hope unibest could be an ideal place to work and an ideal lifestyle to live for every employee.


Working in unibest means co-operate with different talents who have deep understanding on medical industry; they are open-minded, trying to make some differences to medical industry. We encourage our employees lifelong learning, to improve themselves constantly, to be the leader for the future.


We are strictly on ethics and policy education, unibest teach our employees make right choices while we also encourage them to breakthrough based on these policies. We know that the world is changing, so we strictly demand and humbly Improve our services, hope our customers can have better experience.


We love sharing inspirations or experience with each other, all our employees in unibest are willing to share their insights from different perspective, you will grow fast by those valuable information or experience and become what you want to be in a faster speed.


We hope everyone in unibest can be proud and responsible, so we create different benefits for our employees including but not limited to insurance, provident fund, paid annual leave,  personal congratulations, group traveling; high temperature, meals. Full attendance, seniority allowance. We hope our employees enjoy themselves working in unibest.

With the unique "energy and planning” system, employees in unibest can be more clear about themselves, their career goals and life purpose; we are happy to see that more and more people are living a better life with clear goals after they join unibest.

Allan Ko