The world's largest generic drug company, Announce new name——Viatris

2019-12-31 15:44:25

November 12,Mylan and Pfizer announce the name of the new company formed by the planned merger of Mylan and Pfizer subsidiary Upjohn(Pronounced as”viǝ- trīs.)

Viatris from Latin, It reflects the goals of the new company, I.e. from “VIA” To three “TRIS” Core goal path: Expanding drug access, Meeting patient needs through innovation, And become a trusted partner in the global medical field.
Robert J. Coury, who will be executive chairman of the new company, said: “We want a name that sets the new company apart, And make it clear how we will be defenders of global health. We are creating a company that is different——A family focused on building a more hopeful and sustainable healthcare journey, Companies that enable patients to live healthier at every stage of life.”

“The name Viatris conveys the traditional power that both our companies have, And our common goal of providing quality medicine to as many patients as possible, “Upjohn Group President Michael Goettler said, He will be CEO of Viatris,”We have the opportunity to provide better health for patients and partners around the world, Better care and better value.”

Upjohn(Pfizer)It is the business part that was divided after Pfizer announced the business reorganization last July. Reorganized Pfizer into Pfizer Biopharma, Pfizer Power and Consumer Health, Focus on innovative drugs, Generic drug, And consumer health. Among them, Pfizer is mainly focused on blockbuster drugs whose patents expire or are about to expire., As Lyrica, Lipitor, Norvasc, Viagra, Will focus on manufacturing in various regions of the world, Promote, And a series of tasks such as supervision.
Pfizer’s 2018-related business revenue of $ 12.5 billion in 2018,Greater China turnover of $ 2.4 billion, More than 12,000 employees worldwide. May 30 this year, Pfizer also announces Pfizer’s global headquarters in Shanghai, This is the first time a foreign pharmaceutical company has placed its global headquarters in China.

But only 2 months after the announcement, Pfizer announces that Upjohn will merge with another global generic giant, Mylan, Building a new multinational pharmaceutical company. Pfizer Putian will turn Lipitor, Well-known brands such as Viagra bring new companies. The combined company expects revenue of $ 19-20 billion in 2020,Will become the world’s largest generic drug company.
Two companies have announced, New company will be renamed, Incorporated in Delaware, USA, Pittsburgh, PA, Shanghai, China and Hyderabad, India establish global operations centers. Now the new company has revealed its new name.——Viatris. According to the official website of the two companies, New company “Name will take effect after completion of merger, Expected to take effect in mid-2020.