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Quality System

Unibest quality system consists of QC and QA, ensuring the whole system compatible with various requirements of regulation, including document, QC, various verifications (factory, equipment, computer system and so on), audit and submission of regulation files.

 Accordance with ISO 9001 quality system, we set up SOP through enquiry, quotation, sample package, contract, production, ducumenting, customer feedback and so on. 

R&D Team

Our young and competent management team is comprised of highly experienced professionals in management and industry.They have leadership, affinity, execution and so on. Every manager try best to contribute to the development of company.

They instruct staffs to complete task better, combine personal interests and group interests better, how to transcend oneself and plan their lives. From the view of humanity, with the concept of humanistic concern to understand, they respect and cultivate staff. They are capable of execution and establish an efficient execution system.

Over the years, we always adhere to “United, we can be the best”, take “united, network, innovation, beyond, efficiency, satisfying, technology” as core value, comply with commercial ethics, offer excellent service and achieve win-win; unify the vision of staff and company, encouragestaff to become the owner of the business, provide high-quality products and services for customer.    

R&D Environment

Unibest Biopharma(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in Feb.2007, which is specialized in the Research and Production of new Bio-pharmaceutical intermediates. Company is located in Shanghai xuhui  biotechnology park, with well soft environment of science and hard environment of infrastructure. And it is convenient to get technical support from universities and scientific research institution. Unibest Biopharma(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional company to research, develop, produce and operate various pharmaceutical intermediates, polymer monomer and other fine chemical products. And it has developed a broad experience in the management of complex multistep synthesis(1 PhD and 12 chemists). With the purpose of green chemistry and people oriented, it operate in strict accordance with the standard of Shanghai chemical industry’s HSEQ (health, security, environment, quality).

“Quality is the life of enterprise, continuous improvement, make better” is Shanghai Unibest purpose. Unibest has comprehensively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in November, 2009.

Technology Speciality

Based on innovative corporate culture, Unibest always strives for the pursuit of sustainable development and higher quality products of life for healthy people. Through the whole industry chain and product life cycle, Unibest uses unique chemical solutions and services to create great value for customers. In order to meet customers’ needs, we continue to innovate. Through close cooperation with customers, Unibest synthetics route design optimally, develops and validates process, expands commercial production and shorts supply market time of products as possible as we can. At the same time, we provide the service of parameter determination, operation window definition, equipment material selection and product stability study. We design and establish pilot scheme to meet the market development needs of customer in the next stage.

 From raw materials, intermediates to active compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation active ingredients, we develop a stable and competitive technology. Our partner factory is expert at running from pilot test to mass production under different quality standards of ISO or GMP, and utilizes all relevant technologies comprehensively. Our partner factory’s expert team is committed to process innovation and efficiency promotion, and always meet industry highest standard. We put innovation into every stage of product life cycle and create value for customers truly.

High quality

Complete system

Anytime, anywhere

Our partner has numerous scientists and technical experts. They are committed to assisting customers to improve the efficiency of each stage. We develop new processes and synthetic routes independently, and help customers to improve market competitive capability. In the stage of laboratory, we design synthetic routes and optimize processes based on customers’ research and development projects(I – III phase). Our advanced laboratory provide hardware support.

Flexible, flexible, flexible

Unibest’s partner has pilot scale production equipment which can provide small-scale, multipurpose, flexible manufacturing services to meet customers’ demand of starting materials, advanced intermediates, active compounds, active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulation active ingredients.


Efficienct and professional

Customize sythesis

Our professional engineering team supports project implementation comprehensively, including various links from laboratory research, pilot scale to commercial production.
Internal team’s seamless communication and collaboration allows us to provide higher quality of customized equipment and engineering proposals.

Quality Assurance

Unibest is committed to providing high quality products and services for customers and satisfying customers’ demand continuously. For us, the quality of product is the most important.
Products and services provided by Unibest comply with relevant regulations, manufacturer’s facilities and process strictly follow the ISO or GMP standards.

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